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Welcome to our blog! blog has been created to provide insight into the best practices of online marketing, and discussing how they should be applied by artists who are considering marketing themselves and their artwork online.

About the Blog

It is fairly obvious that our art colleges and universities do not do a good enough job of preparing art students for the online marketing opportunities that may exist for them before and after graduation. Since many are already more familiar with technology and social networks than their parents, it is almost natural for them to begin marketing their artwork through such social networks like Facebook, MySpace, and others. While it is important to understand how these social media websites work, it is also very important that you now how to use them to get the most from the time and effort that you will have to put into them.

For more mature artists, the task is made just a little more difficult because in a lot of cases they are totally unfamiliar with social media and how it can work for them.  I also think there is a little of the “left brain, right brain” thing going on also because generally speaking, creative people usually don’t have the time or the patience when it comes to technology.

Keyboard-and-PalletIn this blog we will address a host of subjects and to discuss best practices should you decide to use the Internet to advance your art sales and increase your artist brand exposure. We caution that many “marketing experts” claim they can help artists, but the world is changing and so must your approach. People have less and less time, and even though artists never could afford to purchase traditional media, technology and the way consumers obtain “brand” information today really gives artists more power than they ever had before. We will show you that you don’t need the help of an expert, and you definitely don’t have to invest a lot of money to be very successful with online marketing.

Just as with anything else, you have to know a few things before you get started or you might make some poor decisions that may end up costing you. It is not a simple as paying someone to build you a website as some would have you believe. As we start posting entries, our goal will be to build for you an artist guide to online sales and marketing, and in doing so, discuss the things that we know are important to you. 

To learn more about how you can leverage the power of the Internet to increase sales of your artwork, please see our latest post.


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